Hopper Bottom Silos

Hopper Bottom Silo Manufacturer and Suppliers in sizes ranging from 50 mt to 12500 mt. Over the past 5 years, SD Enviro Engineers has installed and operated more than 500+ Solid Storage Hopper Bottom Silos around the globe.

Hopper Bottom Silo Manufacturers and Suppliers

Hopper Bottom Silos are typically built on engineered structures made of steel, with conical bottom and on top corrugated sheets supported by bolts and nozzles on circular purlines and vertical stiffeners with waterproof washers cylindrically on top of a conical hopper with a sloping roof. Silos, handrails, manholes, etc. are built for ascending and entering.

The cereals are released to the elevator / belt conveyor by gravity for more forward transport. Such silos can also be rendered on the top of the conical concrete hopper with in situ building beams and columns. The built-in hopper lower silos are provided with aeration, ventilation, temperature control system as required. In the case of storage up to 500 tones of grains such as paddy with a density less than 550 kg / m3 these steel silos are usually recommended. Alternatively, there are other flat Bottom grain storage silos options.

Hopper Bottom Silos Features :

  • Strength and durability : The highest and strongest silo roof on the market and the high duty wall panels.
  • Ease of Use : The 700 mm ground-operated roof cap enables augers and integrates the enclosed fumigation chamber into the fan transfer, making fumigants from the ground of the silo easier to apply.
  • High Capacity Features : Wider unloader device that can unload more space.
  • Grain Protection : Our specific T-type aeration device maintains a reliably low silo temperature to prevent the spread of pests and diseases.
  • Designed and Certified : In compliance with the applicable Indian structural codes.
  • Quality Brands : Premium quality products with high durability.
hopper bottom silo manufacturers

Commercial Hopper Bottom Silo Manufacturer

Characteristics of Hopper Bottom Silos :

  • Hopper Bottom Silos is multipurpose suitable for vegetables, animal feed, grain millers and poultry houses and are ideal for cereal processing.
  • Hopper Bottom silos are built from 20 to 1000 ton size.
  • With diameters from 2,74 m to 12,79 m, SD Enviro provides hopper bottom silos.
  • Dynamic Silo structural stability analysis takes into account the seismic zone and wind load in each region in which silos are built.
  • For the construction of silos, Zincalume steel sheets are used which can bear the strength of 350Mpa.
  • For hopper bottom silo, the normal angle is 45 degrees. However, on request it can also be manufactured the bottom hoppers angles 50, 55, 60 degrees.

SD Enviro Manufacturing and Supplying Hopper Bottom Grain Storage Silos and having happy customers spread across Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Trivendrum, Kochi, Delhi, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc.