Flat Bottom Silos

Flat Bottom Silo Manufacturer and Suppliers in sizes ranging from 50 mt to 12500 mt. Over the past 5 years, SD Enviro Engineers has installed and operated more than 500+ Solid Storage Flat Bottom Silos around the globe.

Flat Bottom Silo Manufacturers and Suppliers

Flat bottom grain silos in compliance with ASTM A:653 have been built and constructed, providing certificates of analysis. Our checked product line and tested experience gives you value well beyond purchase for any kind of large port facilities. SD enviro is able to face the extraordinary challenge in the agricultural industry with a special degree of knowledge and experience.

The flat-bottom silos have a smooth surface and are built to withstand all forms of material storage by advanced technology. Flat bottom silos are recommended for any form of grain storage silo above 500MT size. The corrugated, carried-out silo panels are cylinder-mounted on circular purliners and vertical reinforcement systems using bolts and nuts on the deep civil base heavy concrete rings built at the site to match grain silos.

All the accessories required are also available. In order to promote the discharge outlet with valves, a sweep auger is also mounted within the flat concrete foundation. At the top of the cylinder side wall is also a sloped roof with manholes, roof ladder and handrails. The required ladders with guards are supported both inside and outside. Instead of galvanized steel panels for construction of silos, there are some distinct advantages of using ondulated zinc aluminum sheet panels. Alternatively, Hopper bottom grain silos is another choice.

Grain Storage Silo Manufacturer

Flat Bottom Silos Features :

  • Strength and durability : The highest and strongest silo roof on the market and the high duty wall panels.
  • Ease of Use : The 700 mm ground-operated roof cap enables augers and integrates the enclosed fumigation chamber into the fan transfer, making fumigants from the ground of the silo easier to apply.
  • High Capacity Features : Wider unloader device that can unload more space.
  • Grain Protection : Our specific T-type aeration device maintains a reliably low silo temperature to prevent the spread of pests and diseases.
  • Designed and Certified : In compliance with the applicable Indian structural codes.
  • Quality Brands : Premium quality products with high durability.

Characteristics of Flat Bottom Silos :

  • Flat base silos in diameters between 2,74 and 36,5 m are available.
  • Dynamic Silo structural stability analysis takes into consideration the seismic zone and wind load in each region in which silos are built.
  • Snow load is measured on the basis of the conditions of the construction area of the silos.
  • The wind load shall particularly be determined for the flat bottom grain silo according to the height of the silo.
  • During the silos production process, high quality and highly durable materials are used.
  • In the manufacturing of silos Zincalume steel sheets are used that can withstand 350MPa’s pressure.
    In addition to special resin cover and pasivation it is often used to boost scratchproof properties, Zincalume steel has alloy lacquering of zinc, aluminium and silicone carried out with a 600° C which offers much higher corrosion resistant properties.
    The customer’s request may also include the standard GI Silos G-140 zinc (450gr / m2) and the G-115 (350gr / m2) zinc coation.
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