Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

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sd-enviro-cstpSewage is generated by residential, institutional and industrial institutions. Sewage treatment is the method of removing contaminants from wastewater to use for reuse and or for safe disposal.

Sewage treatment typically involves three stages referred to as primary, secondary and tertiary treatment. Primary treatment consists of quickly holding the sewage, separation of oil, grease, floating matter and grit etc. Secondary treatment removes suspended and dissolved biological matter. It also includes separation of micro-organisms from the treated water previous to tertiary treatment.Tertiary treatment involves fine filtration and disinfection for final reuse or discharge.

Biological treatment comprises an aeration tank with external air provide. Surface aeration and diffused aeration are used to supply required oxygen. Suspended growth systems where biomass is mixed in sewage and recycled back to aeration. Fixed film or hooked up growth systems use media where biomass grows and sewage passes over its surface. Hooked up growth system requires lesser foot print than suspended growth system and in a position to deal with varying loads of influent.

Recycling and reuse of most sewage on website will facilitate in reducing the fresh water use for varied non potable uses like landscaping, WC flushing,external cleaning, vehicle laundry,construction and for utilities like cooling towers.

Added Options :

  • UV disinfection
  • Chlorine disinfection with safety eye wash
  • Full Telemetry including remote control

Advantages of Package STP :

  • Stable Operation And Superior Effluent Quality
  • Easy Revamping Of Existing Plants
  • Easy Process Control
  • Small Footprint
  • Less Sludge Production
  • It Can Perform With Uneven Inlet Load By Adjusting The Operating Conditions

Applications :

  • Restaurant and kitchen waste water
  • Capacity increase
  • Plant modification and expansion
  • Toilet Flush, Landscape, Car Wash, Construction, Gardening etc.
    (Below and Above Ground)
  • Apartment Buildings
  • IT Parks
  • All Commercial Establishments such as Hospital, Hotels, Educational Institutions, etc
  • Decentralized STP in remote and hilly terrains.
  • Tanneries, Textile Dye and Bleaching Effluents,
  • Pharmaceutical, Chemical Process Industries,
  • Automobile and Engineering,
  • Food and Beverage.