Industrial Filtration Systems

SD Enviro has a excellent Infrastructure to Design, Engineer, Manufacture, Erection and Commissioning the wide range of Industrial Filtration Systems to meet various requirements.


20150723172871967196SD Enviro Engineers Manufacture and Supplying Industrial Filtrations systems use granuler media as filtration medium are applicable for removal of suspended solids 5 to 50 mg/l range.

Gravity filter beds can be used commonly if influent water suspended solids are less.

Pressure filters use both straining and adsorption technique to reduce turbidity. Adsorption is dependent on the characteristics of filter media and influent water.

Several types filtration media is used to remove suspended solids. Silica sand is the most common. When water flows downward through the bed, solids form a mat on surface and filtration occurs in the top few inches. The sand is cleaned by upward water flow. Air scour will be used to loosen bed for efficient backwash.

Pressure filters are classified in to three types; Pressure Sand Filters, Dual Media Filters and Activated Carbon Filters Important design factors for sizing filters are influent water quality, velocity, effective size of media, uniformity coefficient and density.

Pressure filters are closed cylindrical vessels with media accompanying piping and valves for routing water flow during operation and cleaning. Tanks will be made with mild steel with or without protective coating, stainless steel and fiber reinforced plastic.

Standard filter media depth is 800-1000 mm and grading according to the work conditions. Differential pressure is generally 0.1-0.3 bar during start and require cleaning at 1.5-2 bar. The filtration rate goes up to 20 m/hr and backwashing is 1.5 times higher.

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