Activated Carbon Filters

SD Enviro has a excellent Infrastructure to Design, Engineer, Manufacture, Erection and Commissioning the wide range of Activated Carbon Filters to meet various requirements.

Activated carbon filters are intended to remove free chlorine, organic debris, odour, and colour from raw and waste water.

Activated carbons have a large surface area due to their high degree of micro porosity.

Adsorption is how activated carbon filter work. Adsorption is proportional to the surface area of the medium. This large surface area provides a large adsorption region for organic and chlorine molecules to adhere to.

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Activated carbon granules are supplemented by very fine quartz filter material in the Activated Carbon Filter. For particular treatments, many grades of carbon are available.

Filtration is the most common and reliable method for removing suspended particles from water. The filter is made up of numerous layers of sand/Filter Media with varying sizes and specific gravity. The filters are designed to remove turbidity and suspended particles from the feed water while causing the least amount of pressure decrease.

SD Enviro Engineers provides a diverse selection of filters with single/multiple media options to fulfil unique process requirements.

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