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SD Enviro Engineers

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Complete Solutions for Water and Waste Water Treatment.

Industrial Reverse Osmosis

Industrial Large scale RO Plants, customised for your project.

The reverse osmosis membrane acts as a barrier to all dissolved salts, inorganic molecules and organic molecules with a molecular weight greater than 100. Water molecules pass freely through the membrane creating a purified stream. Rejection of dissolved salts typically 95% to 99%.

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  • Clarification


    Clarification is the removal of colloidal suspended solids from water. Liquid solids separation under...

  • Packaged STP

    Packaged STP

    Sewage treatment generally involves three stages called primary, secondary and tertiary treatment.

  • Packaged ETP

    Packaged ETP

    Industrial wastewater contains different pollutants and is often more variable, concentrated, and toxic.


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SD Enviro Engineers is the leading brand for water and wastewater treatment equipment catering to both Domestic and Commercial segments. Based out of Hyderabad, SD Enviro is rapidly expanding its presence across INDIA with a consolidated network of authorized dealers.

Our operations are backed by a professional team with vast experience and expertise in water and wastewater treatment equipments…

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