UV Disinfection Systems

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UV disinfection Systems in Hyderabad, UV disinfection Plants, UV disinfection Manufactures, UV disinfection Suppliers in HyderabadWe are providing a big selection of UV Disinfection Systems that is assured to own high quality standards. These systems are quality checked to avoid any harmful effects from UV Radiation.

Our UV Water Disinfection Systems are appreciated by the shoppers for not changing the pH, style, Odor or chemical composition of water being disinfected. Complete separation of water system and electrical circuits, resulting in improved reliability and safety whereas using these systems. The machines are valued for no inner corrosion, dirt collection or contamination of water.

What is UV disinfection?

UV is nature’s own disinfection technique. UV light rays are found in natural daylight. Ultraviolet lightweight disinfection involves exposing water to UV light rays.

The UV lightweight rays penetrate micro-organisms and destroy their ability to reproduce. They are not ready to cause infection and illness and are therefore harmless. UV lightweight, at the doses used in our facility, effectively protects against parasites, like Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

How does UV disinfection work? 

Water flows through six stainless-steel chambers. Inside each chamber are 9 lamps, similar to fluorescent bulbs. Every lamp is housed during a clear, waterproof quartz sleeve. The sleeves are submerged in the chambers.

As the water flows through the chambers, the micro-organisms are exposed to the UV light-weight rays. There is one sensor outside every sleeve to make sure that an adequate UV lightweight intensity is applied.

Advantages of UV disinfection :

  • It is very safe – there are no dangerous chemicals to handle, store, or monitor
  • It has no danger of overdosing or over-treating
  • It is environmentally friendly – other than disposing of used lamps, there is little or no impact on the environment
  • It causes no change to the taste, odour, pH, or the general chemistry of the water
  • It requires very little contact time as the disinfection process is immediate – there is no need for holding tanks
  • UV disinfection has few moving parts to wear out