High Rate Solid Contact Clarifier (HRSCC)

SD Enviro has a excellent Infrastructure to Design, Engineer, Manufacture, Erection and Commissioning the wide range of High Rate Solid Contact Clarifier (HRSCC) Systems to meet various requirements.

SD Enviro Engineers Manufacture a wide range of custom made HRSCC Clarifiers for industrial process water applications in India with inherent water conservation design and cost savings.

HRSCC is commonly referred to as the High Rate Solid Contact clarifier when the load circumstances fluctuate. The High Rate Solid Contact Clarifier can manage a much broader variety of water conditions.

The premise is that existing flocs and the intake fluid are mixed to form a dense floc that is easily settled.

This Clarifier is a high rate, solid contact, sludge recirculation in minimum space and using a minimum amount of chemicals, produces an effluent of the highest quality.

Used for clarification, lime softening, Silica reduction or organics reduction of water & waste waters containing suspended solids, colors and organic impurities. It provides means for chemical addition and mixing, flocculation and up flow clarification in a single unit.

HRSCC – Application Areas :

hrscc, high rate solid contact clarifiers in india.
  • Acid mine drainage
  • Pretreatment to conventional filtration
  • Cold lime softening
  • Surface water clarification
  • Pretreatment to membranes
  • Color removal
  • Phosphorous removal
  • Tertiary wastewater treatment
  • Heavy metals removal

Advantages of the HRSCC :

  • In high rate solids contact type clarifier, coagulants and large quantities of recirculating sludge’s are thoroughly mixed and are retained in intimate contact for a prolonged period of time in the draft tube and cone sections of the solid clarifier.
  • The solids contact type clarifier or HRSCC is a high rate water treating clarifier, which produces treated water of highest quality with minimum time, space and chemicals.
  • Minimum building space requirements and building height clearances.
  • The water tanks and structural support design is completely self supporting for continuous service and compatible for supporting external loads such as walkways, ladders etc.
  • Simple and straight forward operation requiring less operator attention and minimum maintenance.

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