GLS / GFS Storage Tanks

GLS/GFS Storage Tank Manufacturers and Suppliers in sizes ranging from 50 m3 to 18000 m3. Over the past 5 years, SD Enviro Engineers has installed and operated more than 1000+ GLS / GFS tanks around the globe.

GLS / GFS Tank Manufacturer and Suppliers

GLS tanks mean tanks with glass fused steel, which are known also by other names. Glass is fused with steel in order to enhance its strength. Fusion is important because single steel is for the environmental conditions. The explanation why glass is fused with steel is to enhance the properties of steel. Single Steel has an environmental weakness that includes fusion. The strength increases, the appropriate PH bracket for alkaline solutions extends and the abrasion resistance gains strength after fusing the stain with glass.

GLS / GFS Technology & Durability

GFS is the ultimate tank-and-silo approach, using an existing system with substantial client, consultant and contractors over other kinds of tank construction. Glass-Fused-to-steel Tanks, also called GFS Tanks, is the most effective solution. GFS is a dual material that blends the strength and flexibility of steel and excellent corrosion resistance to the glass and Glass Fused To Steel tanks can deliver some advantages over epoxy standard or soldered painted storage tanken. GFS is a molded glass that responds to the surphace of the steel plate to form an inert, inorganic bond. GFS tanks are capable of upgrading, expanding, dismantling, and moving. GFS Tanks are more durable than Zincalume Liquid Storage Tanks.

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GFS Tanks Manufacturing methods

GFS/GLS Tanks Applications and Implementations

GFS is used for the storage of vegetables oils and dry bulk oils. GFS (Glass fusion to steel) is common. The main purpose of these tanks is to store Sludge storage, Sludge treatment and Mesolithic Digester in different areas of the municipal corporation. Zinc Aluminium Tanks and GFS / GLS Tanks are used for storage of drinking water, thermospheric digester, application of high temperature and industrial aggressive / chemical effluent. GFS Tanks for Biogas stations, Fly-Ash, Fire Water, Liquid Manure, Gasholder, Wood Waste, Sand & Gravels, Brine, Liquid Fertilizers, Granules, Salt, Fluids, Agriculture, Limestone, Potable/ Drinking Water, Cereals, Tanks for WWTPs, Cement, Waste Water, Grains, Desalted Water, Dung Water, Fermenters

Benefit & Features Characteristics of GFS/GLS Tanks

  • Cost effectiveness: Low cost of construction and low maintenance costs.
  • Small weight of carriage: Because of the small size and weight, larger plants are efficiently priced at great distances.
  • Numerous applications: The Enamel’s chemical resistance provides very violent media for the application.
  • Quick assembly: Via professional assemblers with specific tools all year round. A settlement of the project by our technicians ensures quick and clean montage.
  • Adaptability: The tank has 4 colors and is very environmentally friendly.
  • Sunfast: The continuing exposure of enameled surfaces to extreme insolation is probable. UV exposure can not necessarily decrease the color of the enamel.
  • Flexibility: The tank can be restructured, expanded and dismounted.
  • Subsequently modification of utilization: An extension or rehabilitation can be completed after years.
  • Free of maintenance: Durable avoidance of corrosion by ensuring enamel durability.
  • Environmentally friendly: Enamel is made of natural materials and uses environmentally friendly production and manufacturing processes.
  • Fully recyclable: All components can be recycled absolutely.
  • Climate and weather resistant: Enamel is-60 ° C frost resistant and+ 450 ° C thermally resistant. The features of the enamel remain within this range.
  • Non combustible: Enamel is not fuel and does not release toxic steam at direct fire contact.
  • Dimensionally stable: Because of the combination of enamel and steel composite.
  • Glass-hard and scratch resistant: Because of the surface structure the enamel is not less than the usual tightness of the abrasion glass. The glass-hard surface of the enamel is therefore very durable.
  • Graffiti resistant: Email is immune to paint. Simple removal of the glue and other chemicals.
  • Hygienic: Numerous tests indicate that bacteria and other species on enamel surfaces do not have a culture medium. The flat surface is therefore extremely hygienic.
  • Soil-resisting: For enamelled surfaces there is no electrostatic load. In comparison to synthetic materials, flue dust is not gravitated by the enamel.
  • Easy to clean: Soil can not be stuck to emailed surfaces. Soiling without polishing will easily be cleaned. No cleaning agent is required.
  • Physiological harmless: Enameled tanks do not produce dubious products for foodstuffs.

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