Compact Sewage Treatment Plant (CSTP) Erection & Commissioning

CSTP Erection and Commissioning Manufacturers, Suppliers Hyderabad, Vizag, Vijayawada, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, India.

stp-image-jpg-1-500x500We have a tendency to are planning, manufacturing, erection and commissioning of Compact Sewage Treatment Plants of different types of industries, special economical zones , industrial complexes, municipal firms, hotel industries, residential colonies.

We have a tendency to establish and study the attainable options by which treated sewage can be recycled for gardening, flushing or for different process applications for industries. We have a tendency to are optimizing the scale and power consumption of sewage treatment plant as potential as we can by our best knowledge. Ionics’s compact sewage treatment plants for inland applications have been designed for gravity or pumping treatment of domestic sewage and built to be installed on the surface.

These plants carry out the sewage treatment by biological suggests that. The plants are of the activated sludge method while not requiring any different kind of dosing or additivation. The plant is single built in an exceedingly closed module that has totally different chambers are organized, facilitating their transport and installation. Every chamber has been given the required access and inspection registers.

This modular construction permits the rise of the processing capability by inserting a lot of plants in parallel. The air diffusers accountable for the oxygenation and agitation of the sewage. The plants are equipped totally pre-assembled and tested, so that they can be installed in their definite location in at some point.

Standard Features :

  • No odor generation
  • Inside and outer protection: epoxy paint
  • Aeration system composed by a blower, an air offer pipe, fine bubble diffusers and an air relief valve
  • Automatic sludge recirculation system
  • Access and inspection registers in each chamber
  • Packaged and portable plant
  • Suitable for remote locations
  • Permanent and mobile installation
  • Designed to the desired capability