Compact Sewage Treatment Plants (CSTP)

Compact Sewage Treatment Plants Manufacturers and Suppliers in Hyderabad, Vizag, Vijayawada, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, India.

wastewater-treatment-plant-SD Enviro Engineers are Manufacturing & Supplying of Compact Sewage Water Treatment Plants, these are environment friendly based on Green Building Technology. Specialist in Package Kind, Prefabricated Pre-designed domestic Sewage Treatment Systems ranging from 10 KLPD – 100KLPD with Green & Sustainable ADAO Technology.

Benefits of SD Enviro STP- ADAO Treatment Technology:

  • Zero Discharge.
  • Colourless Treated Water.
  • Odourless Treated Water.
  • Suitable even if there is uneven supply of sewage.
  • No STP odour issue even during the treatment process.
  • Highly suitable for inconsistent sewage.
  • Overall Organic & Inorganic content reduction (BOD & COD).
  • Less Sludge Production.
  • Low Space Requirement.
  • Dose not requires continuous operation.
  • Low Operating Cost.
  • MLSS and SVI monitoring not required.
  • Environmentally Safe to treat sewage water disposed in Land or Water
  • Treated flushing, irrigation, construction and many more potable uses.
  • Green Sustainable Eco-Friendly Sewage Treatment Plant.


Benefits of Compact Sewage Treatment Plant System:

  • Zero Discharge.
  • Low power consumption
  • Sludge removal once in two years.
  • Pre- Engineered & Pre- Fabricated Plant.
  • No odour problem.
  • No dedicated manpower required.
  • Negligible Operating Cost.