Industrial Chimneys and Air Pollution Control Systems

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air-pollution-control-systems-hyderabadChimneys cause the best quality Chimney for boiler applications used in all sought of industries. The RCC chimneys for an industrial boiler applications is made using very best quality materials and implementing the eco friendly chimney technology so as to ensure long lasting and downside free performance.

Cylindrical shaped individual concrete moulds are placed on top of each other to create the chimney structure. The concrete structure is held together by an external skeleton in the shape of a steel tower. External support permits the chimney to be minimally reinforced with steel avoiding cracks and damages throughout heat retention. The conical base of the chimney is constructed using precast concrete blocks, permitting flexibility to customise the shape and height of the bottom, and also the amount and size of flue gas ducts. After the conical base is cured and ready, the modular rings are stacked on prime of one another to finish the chimney structure. The concrete structure is secured to the exoskeleton at regular intervals during the construction method. The completed chimney is then painted and ready for commissioning.

Viability of the Design (Benefits over steel / Conventional RCC Chimneys) :

1. The concrete structure is factory manufactured. Prefabrication facilitates customisation to individual requirements of tolerance to temperature and chemical compositions in emission. Pre fabrication also minimises variations in the final product by constant check on quality.

2.As the chimney comprises of several individual concrete section, in case of damages, individual sections can be replaced irrespective of their position in the concrete chimney.

3.EC can be altered & transpositioned to future prospects. The Chimney can be dismantled, shipped and re-erected at a different location.

4.The steel tresle not only acts as an exoskeleton but is also a permanent scaffold for maintenance, repairs & alterations.

5.The Chimney is light weight compared to conventional RCC Chimneys; it can be tucked into minimal space and requires a far smaller basement.

6.EC takes only 1/10th of the time required to construct a similar sized conventional RCC chimney. The Pre fabricated concrete structure is transported to the site only when the site is ready for construction. This just in time logistics model ensures that precious space in the site is not taken up by the industrial chimney construction process.

Pollution control measures (Inbuilt):

SD Enviro Enginees provide inbuilt pollution control measures within the basement or the structure of the PCC chimney. The type of pollution control measures is determined by the nature of emission and the requirement of the client.

The measures are as follows :

  • In built wet scrubber
  • Gravity settling chamber
  • Wet bottom
  • Cyclonic filteration systems
  • Effuluent evaporation system
  • Heat recovery system