Industrial Evaporators and Dryers

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Industrial Evaporators and DryersEvaporation is the process of vaporization of solvent from solution to increase the concentration of solute. Evaporation is extensively energy intensive unit operation.

Zero liquid discharge is a process that is beneficial to industrial and municipal organizations as well as the environment because it saves money and no effluent, or discharge, is left over. Our unique selection of parameters & steam saving innovations improve the steam economy. The steam consumption is 20% – 30% lower than other manufacturer. Unbelievable but true optimum heat economy for every plant worked out to ensure value for money.

Optimum Number of Stages
Depending on the Plant Capacity, Material of Construction and the cost factors associated with the plant operation, Optimum Number of Effects are worked out and suggested by a computer program.

Multistage Condensate Flashing System
Condensate from each effect is flashed successively at lower pressure and the flash vapors are used for carrying out the evaporation in the next stage.

Feed Preheating system
When Feed is cold & has to enter the Stage which is at high Temperature, a lot of Steam is consumed to heat the Feed upto Boiling Point. In our plant Feed is heated by Evaporated vapors in countercurrent fashion, bringing in substantial savings in steam.

Condensate quality
Demisters provided in Flash Vessels ensure good quality of condensate with TDS below 100 ppm, much to the liking of Pollution Control Board.

Process optimisation
Depending on the process conditions, we design proper circuitry to optimize the Corrosion conditions and resultant Material of Construction. Forward Feed is selected when Concentrate at high temperature is highly corrosive. Backward Feed is selected when Concentrate is highly viscous at low Temperature. When both these requirements exist partially, selection could be; Mixed Feed.

Moderate power consumption
Proper selection of pumps to maintain high pumping efficiency results in moderate power consumption. Proper selection of type of Evaporator even eliminates the need of an intermediate transfer pump as liquid is transferred due to its own pressure difference between various stages.