Ozone Water Treatment Systems

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mks-ultra-rgbOzonation has recently gained popularity as a treatment various within the United States when regulatory agencies placed restrictions on the disinfection by-products, particularly levels of tri-halo methane (THM). Ozonation is an established and proven disinfection alternative plus a peroxidant for the control of THM precursors.

Benefits of:

  • Oxidation and volatilization of organics
  • Management of algae and associated compounds
  • Destabilization (micro flocculation) of bound varieties of turbidity
  • Removal of color-causing compounds
  • Oxidation of iron and manganese
  • Very short disinfection times
  • Partial oxidation of organics for subsequent removal by micro organisms.

Ozone Generator Choice:-

Ozone is generated by passing a high voltage alternating current (6-20 kV) across a dielectric discharge gap through which oxygen gas is injected. Setting aside the sales pitches from manufacturers, most sensible generators are either low (50-60 Hz) or medium (200-1000 Hz) frequency. Medium frequency generators are usually thought-about better performers. It is often useful to contact pure aqua in similar applications to finalise the choice of an ozone generator.