Raw Water / Waste Water Treatment Chemicals Dealers and Suppliers

Water Treatment Chemicals Dealers and Suppliers in Hyderabad, Vizag, Vijayawada, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, India.

waste_water_sRaw Water / Waste Water Treatment Chemicals are exactly processed for purifying drinking water, industrial waste water and production waste water and making it value usable in numerous applications. These chemicals are formulated by creating use of precise amount of parts having precise pH value in conformation with the economic quality standards. We supply a big range of chemicals to our clients considering their water treatment needs.

We are dealing with Waste Water Treatment Plants which consists of:

  • Deoiling Polyelectrolyte (DOPE)
  • Organic Coagulants capable of reducing sludge substantially
  • Flocculants / Settling Aids for clarifiers & clariflocculators
  • Filtration Aids for belt presses & other filters
  • Dewatering Aids for centrifuges & decanters

Features :

  • Accurate pH value
  • High efficacy
  • Precise composition
  • High water solubility
  • Excellent thickening effect
  • Fine water treatment effect at high & low temperature
  • Supreme chemical adaptability

Applications :

  • purifying industrial waste water
  • Disinfecting production waste water
  • Sanitizing drinking water