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UltraFiltration-EquipmentHigh efficiency membranes and low operating pressures are combined to manufacture the foremost economical skid to satisfy all client necessities. Modular design and method specific criteria allows the best flexibility in providing skids that business needs for the production of turbidity free water utilized in their facilities.

The ultra filtration is employed for the separation of floating particles, colloids, bacteria and virus. This technique uses membranes between 5 – 500 nm.

There are three sorts of membranes:

Spiral membranes: these are cheaper but additional sensitive to pollution.

Tubular/straw membranes: these are additional used thanks to costs/effects ratio, more tough to pollute.

Ceramic membranes: these are additional expensive but terribly immune to heavy pollutants.The steam consumption of evaporation plants will be significantly reduced by using the enthalpy (heat of condensation) of the vapor to heat a second effect. The vapour created during this effect will be more used for heating of a third effect and so on.

SD Enviro EngineersĀ focus on fabricating precision designed ultra filtration plants which could be a combination of membrane and ion exchange technique. Fabricated of high grade of raw material, our range offers specific resistance water.

The plant finds wide application in semi conductors, electronics and pharmaceutical industries. The range is featured with consistent performance and simple unit assembly. It works with commonplace luer lock syringe. It additionally facilitates continuous filtration and collects sample/filtrate.